..."Celtic rock in all its forms. Intergenerational concert for celtic music which animate imagination and creativity of these artits..." - Le Télégramme

..."100% Triskel band that is in Brittany that Marcel et son Orchestre are in the North of France. Concentrate dynamite, joy, rock and ska, coated with a regional culture positively marked" - La Dépêche de Tahiti

..."Mask Ha Gazh, Celtic rock moves..." - Ouest France

..."The new Celtic inspiration for a popular audience and mixed up. As their music..." - La Marseillaise


1998. Beginning of an adventure... Mask Ha Gazh? This is how the current and punchy music combining traditional and modern instruments. To share a moment of conviviality as many, regardless of place or time, provided it is the fun and good humor. Between ska and Celtic rock ...

The quartet continues to grow this festive philosophy, a Breton way of life. More than 1,300 concerts in cities and villages, regions and countries around the world. 3 studio albums, two live albums and a DVD. But more than that, especially thousands of encounters and memories music. A popular band in the best sense of the term, mindset claimed and assumed.

So resolutely original, they revisit the Celtic music, dusting flutes and bombards, and make all their energy on guitars, percussion spoons and clogs. A live band detonating, whose unique purpose is to see people move and smile... They will take you back over their songs, seas storms, mystical lands in sunny beaches…

2013. They hit the road, full of projects hold for a rich year may surprise you ...
A rich tour which take them through all France counties. And a new studio album, EXPERIENCE, which is scheduled for next june. More energetic and Celtic rock. A new team for a new sound...

Stay tuned!


Main dates:
- 1998: creation of the band by Luc Le Squer, Christophe Cantin (Tof) and Thierry Le Pollès
- 1999: first concerts with the arrival of Patrice Johier and Christophe Kerléguer (Kerl)
- 2001: first live album TEMPETE AU COMPTOIR (Storm over the pub), participation in Inter-Celtic Festival in Lorient
- 2003: studio album ALCHIMIE (Alchemy)
- 2004: arrival of Reynald Rillardon (Kojac) and Jehan Sauvage. Recording of the concert at the Normandy Scene, St Lô. 400 concerts at the counter.
- 2005: Release of the album LIVE CD and DVD. And transition to professionalism Luc, Tof, Kerl and Kojac who go on the road (165 concerts during the year throughout France and abroad first pranks)
- 2006: 111 concerts ... From Praha (Czech Republic) to Mayotte (Indian Ocean)
- 2007: SOURCES studio album. Arrival of Olivier Dams (Smad), former Wig A Wag
- 2008: Terre Neuvas Festival (150,000 viewers) in Bobital, France and Celtic Days Festival in Italy
- 2009: 1000th concert. Jeremy Lancézeur and Bleiz  Lafontaine join Luc and Tof. Release of Sources album in Canada. Mahoreggae, No. 2 Franco Charts Radio CKOI, Quebec
- 2010: France from St Amand les Eaux to Barcelonnette, via Ouessant Island ... and Switzerland
- 2012: release of the studio album BROCELIANDE in France and Canada. Gigs in Brest, Marseillan, Saugues, the Alpes ... and French islands of Ponant tour (Ouessant, Molene, Groix, Yeu, Belle ile)
- 2013: Romain Morlat at guitars. And a trip in French Polynesia.
- 2015: Romain "Buddy" Duconseille joins the team.
- 2016: new studio album EXPERIENCE. And the best is yet to come ...

Luc Le squer - Lead vocal and percussion (clogs, spoons, bodhran)
Christophe Cantin
- Flutes, bombards, redpipe
Jeremy Lancézeur
- Guitars
Roman "Buddy" Duconseille
- Guitars